MARCH 2018

Over the course of the last few months progress has been made towards the completion of the Flood Channel project. We continue to excavate and process the rock coming from the cut that can be seen from both Mamalahoa Highway and Hualalai Road. We had included pictures for you to share.

The relocation of the stone processing plant is still under review and pricing for an enclosure has been requested from multiple vendors. The processing plant operated a total of 12 days in January, 8 days in February, and has as of today only 2 days in the first week of March.

We continue to monitor noise levels and remind employees to be consciously aware of wind directions and the loading of trucks on the first scoop, low and slow.  We have had a nice soaking with the latest storm which fortunately wasn’t heavy enough to cause any flash flooding and no water came down the channel.

You can expect these news like updates via email in the quarters to follow. Thank you for your patience and understand during the course of improving this flood channel.